At Global Leadership University, we are passionate about

Equipping Aspiring Business Leaders for Success in a Multicultural World.

Intro Course

Our Introduction course is a stand-alone course in our Continuing Education Program that we offer to anyone interested.

It's a great overview of business, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

This 8-week online course is GEN 301 - "Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation."

This course is a prerequisite for all of our MBA programs.

For more, go to the Intro Course page.

MBA Programs

We offer two MBAs.

The MBA in Entrepreneurship is for those who want to develop the skills to turn an idea into a profitable business startup anywhere in the world.

The MBA in Business Management is for those who want to develop the skills to successfully lead an existing multicultural business anywhere in the world.

For more, go to the MBA Programs page.

Global Leadership University offers innovative graduate degrees characterized by these distinctives:

Integrated Priorities

We believe that business can and should focus on more than just maximizing profits for a few at the expense of the rest.

We believe business should pursue 4 integrated priorities – striving to be 1) financially viable, 2) socially beneficial and compassionate, 3) spiritually open and respectful, and 4) environmentally responsible.

We refer to this as the integrated quadruple bottom line.

Multicultural Perspective

We equip our graduates to succeed in a globally connected and complex world with many cultures and belief systems.

Practical Application

We go beyond essential frameworks and concepts to develop practical skills and apply them in relevant business experiences.

25% of each degree is set aside for a hands-on business experience where students apply the concepts and skills they learned in the first 75% of the degree.

Spiritual Integration

We bring a spiritual perspective to every aspect of business.

We believe the Bible has relevant and useful guidance for doing morally praiseworthy business, even for those who may not believe everything in it.


We want our degrees to be affordable so that current and future business leaders from around the world can afford them without going into debt.

As an institution focused only on distance-learning graduate degrees, we don’t have expensive campuses and buildings to maintain, and we pass the cost savings on to our students.


We want our degrees to be achievable by ordinary people with no prior business training who lead busy lives.

We provide part-time online education so students don’t have to stop their lives in order to obtain a graduate degree.

Our annual course schedule is less compressed than most online degrees, because we recognize that normal people need the space to juggle multiple priorities in life.