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You can Get Connected by sending us an email.

You can Take Our Overview Course to learn more about Entrepreneurship and Small Business while you preview our MBA program.

You can Apply For Our MBA Program to transform your skill set and your ability to use business as a force for good in a world that needs our help.

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We offer an 8-week online course in Entrepreneurship and Small Business that we think you’ll enjoy.

This Introduction course is a stand-alone course that anyone can take. There are no prerequisites.

It is required for admission to our MBA program.

GEN 301 – Overview of Entrepreneurship and Small Business


This 8-week course is conducted entirely online and costs $400. Anyone can take it. There are no educational prerequisites.

Course Description

This is a general course offered by Global Leadership University to anyone. It also serves as a prerequisite for admission to the Global Leadership University MBA program.

This online course introduces students to essential aspects of becoming a successful business entrepreneur, manager, and innovator.

Students will explore how to design a profitable business startup. They will consider how to pursue the profit priority in business while also pursuing social, spiritual, and environmental priorities. They will examine four skills that are essential to any business manager: serving customers, managing operations, understanding accounting, and navigating legal issues. They will explore how disruptive innovation affects new and existing businesses and consider how they could lead innovation in business.

On a personal level, students will explore what it means to have a spiritual calling to be involved in business. And they will improve their leadership and cross-cultural skills and consider how to apply them to business situations.

After this course, students will be able to answer whether they want to become business entrepreneurs, managers, and innovators, and they will understand some of the concepts and skills which will be necessary to their success.

Why Should You Take Our Overview Course?

Completing our Overview course will benefit you in 3 ways:

  1. It will equip you to be a better entrepreneur or business manager.
  2. It will increase your confidence that you could succeed in business.
  3. It will give you the confidence that you could successfully complete our MBA program.

Why Is The Overview Course Required For MBA Admissions?

Most MBA programs require applicants to submit their test scores on the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) so they can determine whether the applicant has the ability to do graduate-level coursework.

We believe actual results are a better way to measure academic potential.

Therefore, we ask you to complete our 8-week Overview Course, which is at the same level of difficulty as our MBA program.

If you can successfully complete our Overview Course, we will know you're capable of successfully completing our MBA Program, which is why this prerequisite is crucial to our MBA admissions process.

What's Next? Sign Up And Apply To Our Continuing Education Program

In order to enroll in our Overview course, you must apply to our Continuing Education program.

This is a regulatory requirement that must be met even if you are not planning on applying for our MBA program.

Don’t worry – it’s a simple process and there are no obligations after you’ve taken the Overview course.

Continuing Education Admissions Requirements

Copy of Passport

Email a scanned copy of your passport photo page to . The subject line should include your full name and “GLU Continuing Education Program.” If you do not have a passport, you can provide another official identity document such as a driver’s license.

Tuition Payment For The Overview Course

The Online Application process includes a step for paying the $400 tuition for the Overview course. This tuition payment replaces the application fee for applying to Global Leadership University. 

Student Handbook Signature Pages

You must read the GLU Catalog and GLU Student Handbook and sign in two places on the final page of the GLU Student Handbook. Email a scanned copy of this signature page to . The subject line should include your full name and “GLU Continuing Education Program.”

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2018 MBA Cohort

We are currently accepting applications for the August 2018 MBA Cohort.

MBA Admissions Process

In order to apply to our MBA Program, you must first sign up for GEN 301 - "Overview of Entrepreneurship and Small Business" and apply to our Continuing Education program.

You can apply for our MBA program as soon as you’re admitted to our Continuing Education program. You don’t have to wait until after you’ve completed the Overview course.

If you have any questions or confusion, email us at .

We’d be happy to answer any questions and coach you through our Admissions process.

MBA Admissions Requirements

Follow these 5 steps to complete your MBA application:

1. Sign Up For The Overview Course

You must complete GEN 301 - "Overview of Entrepreneurship and Small Business" with a grade of 75% or better. This Overview course allows applicants to demonstrate their ability to complete graduate-level coursework in English, eliminating the need for traditional graduate-level admissions exams (such as the GMAT or GRE) and English proficiency asessments. Your tuition for this Overview course replaces the traditional application fee.

Your application to take the Overview course includes steps to apply to our Continuing Education program. (This is a regulatory requirement of the State of Minnesota, where Global Leadership University is licensed.)

2. Apply To Our MBA Program

After you have applied to our Continuing Education program (by clicking the link above to "TAKE THE OVERVIEW COURSE"), you may click the button below to "APPLY TO THE MBA PROGRAM."

Note: You can apply to our MBA Program as soon as you signed up for the Overview course. You don't have to wait until you've begun or completed the Overview course.

3. Request an Official College Transcript

You must submit proof of completion of an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution. This proof must be in the form of an official college transcript sent to GLU by the institution (not by the applicant). For institutions that are able to provide a digital transcript, the official digital transcript should be emailed to . For institutions that are unable to provide a digital transcript, the official paper transcript should be mailed to Global Leadership University, 5452 Elmer Dr, Toledo, OH 43615 USA and the applicant should send an email to  notifying GLU that a paper transcript has been requested.

4. Request Two Letters of Reference

Ask two people to provide you with a Letter of Reference. They should not be immediate family. The Letter of Reference should include the following: the reference person’s full name and contact information, how they know the applicant, what they know of the applicant’s character and competencies, and why they think the applicant would benefit from taking the GLU MBA. Letters of Reference must be emailed directly from the reference person to . The subject line should read “Letter of Reference for (full name of applicant).” Note: If Letters of Reference are forwarded to GLU by the applicant, we will reject them and request that they be emailed directly from the person writing the Letter of Reference.

5. Email Your Admissions Essay

Write a one to two paragraph essay that answers the question “Why am I interested in the GLU MBA?” Email your Admissions Essay to . The subject line should include your full name and "Admissions Essay for the GLU MBA."

Continuing Education Program

Admission to Continuing Education may take place at any time.

August 2018 MBA Cohort

Please submit all components of your MBA application by June 30th, 2018.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Global Leadership University does not discriminate against applicants or students on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

Transfer of Credits to Global Leadership University

GLU does not accept transfer credits from other universities.

Provisional Admittance

Students that do not meet all of the admission criteria may request to be accepted into the program provisionally. The request to be accepted on provisional status must be submitted to the Academic Dean at . The request needs to present a simple and clear rationale why the student should be admitted provisionally.

Maximum Time to Complete MBA

Students must complete their MBA within 7 years of beginning the program.

Inability to Continue with Your MBA Cohort

When a student is unable to continue with their MBA cohort for whatever reason, they have three options:

  1. They may drop their current course but continue with their MBA cohort for all the remaining courses.
  2. They may transfer to a future cohort, which will drop them from all remaining courses in their current MBA cohort but will keep them in the MBA program.
  3. They may resign from the MBA program.

Before a student pursues any of these options, we strongly encourage them to consult with the Academic Dean to explore options for continuing in the program.

Request to Drop Course but Remain in MBA Cohort
A student may drop a course by submitting a “Request to Drop MBA Course” email to GLU Student Services at . Normal course refund policies will apply. The student will continue in all remaining courses with their MBA cohort.

Request to Transfer to a Future MBA Cohort
A student may choose to transfer to a future cohort in the same MBA program by submitting a “Request to Transfer to a Future MBA Cohort” email to GLU Student Services at . There is a Cohort Transfer Fee of $100. Once their Request to Transfer to a Future MBA Cohort has been accepted, they will be dropped from all remaining MBA courses of their current cohort and they will be enrolled in the remaining MBA courses when their new cohort reaches that point. They will still be considered admitted to the MBA program, and will not need to reapply.

Request to Resign from MBA Program
A student may resign from their MBA program without penalty by sending a “Request to Resign from MBA Program” email to GLU Student Services at . Once their Request to Resign from MBA Program has been accepted, they will no longer be active GLU students. If they wanted to re-start the MBA program in the future, they will need to reapply for GLU admission.