Our Overview course is a great way to learn about business while sampling our MBA Program.

This 8-week online course is GEN 301 - "Overview of Entrepreneurship & Small Business."

What's In It?

Our Overview course provides a high-level introduction to the content of our MBA programs, takes 8 weeks, is entirely online, and costs $400.

This online course introduces students to essential aspects of becoming a successful business entrepreneur, manager, and innovator.

After this course, students will be able to answer whether they want to become business entrepreneurs, managers, and innovators, and they will understand some of the concepts and skills which will be necessary to their success.

This is a stand-alone course in our Continuing Education Program that we offer to anyone interested. There are no prerequisites.

This Overview course is also a prerequisite for our MBA program.

Why You Should You Take It?

There are 3 reasons you should take this Intro course:

  1. To equip you in business. Our Overview course will make you more effective and more confident in business, even if you choose not to pursue our MBA.
  2. To help you learn the format of our MBA online courses. Our Overview course has the same format, same level of difficulty, and same assignment structure as our MBA courses. Take it, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what doing our MBA would be like.
  3. To help us evaluate your ability to complete graduate-level coursework. We use the Overview course in your admissions process instead of requiring you to take the GMAT or GRE exams and replacing the traditional English language proficiency assessment.

Either Way You'll Be Glad You Did!

If you want to know what our MBA will actually be like, take our Intro course. It's very similar to our MBA courses.

If you like the Overview course (which we think you will), then you’ll like our MBA and you’ll know what it takes to successfully complete it.

If you don’t enjoy the course, or if it doesn't fit into your schedule, then you can avoid the expense and frustration of starting our MBA only to drop out partway through.

We believe our Overview course will either convince you to take our MBA with excitement and confidence… or convince you it would be a mistake to even start.

Both results are positive!

What's Covered?


This 8-week course is conducted entirely online and costs $400. Anyone can take it. There are no educational prerequisites.

Course Description

This is a general course offered by Global Leadership University to anyone. It also serves as a prerequisite for admission to the MBA offered by Global Leadership University.

This online course introduces students to essential aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur and small business leader. Students will examine the nature of business and consider how to align the profit priority with social, spiritual, and environmental priorities. They will examine what makes a successful entrepreneur and learn key principles for successful business startups. They will learn from thought leaders in four areas that essential to both startups and existing businesses: customer focus, operations, accounting, and legal. They will explore how to appropriately integrate spiritual perspectives into business activities. They will begin to improve their leadership skills and increase their multi-cultural intelligence.

After this course, students will be able to explain many of the concepts and skills necessary to become successful entrepreneurs and small business leaders. 

What's The Cost?

Tuition is $400, and books cost $40 if purchased as Kindle books on Amazon.

There are no other taxes or fees.

When Is It Offered? How Do I Sign Up?

We offer the Overview course whenever we have 2 or more students who are ready to take it.

To let us know you're interested, email us at .

We will work with you to find a time for the course that works for your schedule.